If I die today
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2021-08-13 14:08:06 (UTC)

3oclock coffee

Just got out the shower brewing coffee . Air quailty is concerning still smokey a little worse. My air purifier is on the table and setup today so hangin on to that and will take it to bed with me tonight. Nothing unusual otherwise some creepy neighbors and such but thats typical nothing particular. A little drainined physcially but not to bad walk with do g was short bc smoke and I did one excersize video today. Kinda bummed and frustedated and puzzeld half of my ama-zon orders arrived yestery so I went thru the whole schanagist of tring to collect all the item #'s complain and have some replacements and refunds coming but still annoyed they showed up today event hou marked delivered yesterday and one whole box was obvioulsy cut open and my oxiclean sprays were both open like you can see the seal ripped off and then they were leaky. I can olny wonder did someone try to steal stuff and maybe its just something else in those bottles now who knows. but I need it kinda so oh well. Anyhow dont know what the weekedn holds but guess I should try to find some joy in something. Well nothing really weighty on me right now a far as I have nothing to give or unannounced intentons so I think I have time for on more letter. I would just start with A and do my brother but I would preffer to keep today postive so thinking. iPatt has been on my mind so might as well go with that been thinking of her lately.

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