Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-13 17:21:46 (UTC)

Let’s be free

Mom is angry at me and doesn’t want to talk to me a part of me is happy she is out of my hair another part feels like I didn’t wanna cause her emotional harm and how am I going to get my stuff back

Trying to not think about it

This is my diary so I’m just gonna say I’m on my time of the month and it for a minute was extra painful but went down

I’m having trouble keeping my fake vines up with tape I often say this I guess it’s getting better or I’m just letting them fall more

My computer doesn’t work again hopefully there’s a short I don’t wanna touch the box though the electricity makes me scared

I’m ok but not doing so well pain wise on my time of the month but my emotions are calmer

Trying to find my lanyard for my keys
I’m forgetting about whether my mom is going to call me back part of me doesn’t want to instead I’ll play board games in ameetup maybe I’ll meet my honey dew there though I’m not sure of that one it’s hard when you mostly like asexual girls

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