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2021-08-13 17:40:44 (UTC)

U-Haul what's going on?

‎Friday, ‎August ‎13, ‎2021

Oldman's room of TRUTH!

Appears I am being ignored as to the $150.00, I gave back to to give his parents the caretakers. Story on that already told so interested look it up. Just chart it up to another rip off, and after so long and so much bs handed to me then I start to change things. After posting pictures of the room that Mother Leslie and her Husbands Hershel used for free for years and just take a look at the mess left for this 74 year old to clean up on Instagram

Then you can see why I am so pissed off, I warn and warn if things are not straightened up around here, then I will make many and I do mean many changes. Starting on September 1, 2021, Ricky's rent now comes directly to this old man for his rent in the amount of $350.00 per month. No longer to be given to the caretakers, since they wish to state that they paid the $250.00 owed for July in which they only paid $100.00 total in cash. They forget that I gave their son James $150.00 back to his caretaker dad, for paying the electric contractors due of $200.00. since that contractor never showed up then I expected that money back. Nope, as stated to my son Jr. caretaker Jimmy stated that he already paid me $250.00 for this month, and he no longer has the $200.00 for the electrician person. Great, I told Jr. just to forget it, as I am adding up day by day the things these people wish to continue wanting to get over on someone that has allowed them to live rent free for eight years along with allowing them the rents from outside rooms to be a helping hand with the problems of the house. All this already spoken on, look it up.
Now, Pest control came by for the regular service to spray outside of house and years, Nope, caretakers wanted only the inside done and not outside. I told my son Jr. let it go and I will deal with everything myself come September 1st. 2021. Notice given to the caretakers as well, especially for telling my kid Jr. by Jimmy the caretaker that I would jump on him if the pool room was ever sprayed. Meaning of that, I have no idea, I raised my kids so they know that I would never say anything like that. The pool room was sprayed. Makes no since as to what in the hell that was to mean.
Well, still no replies to my requests as to why that room of their kids has not even been cleaned up. Their own kid, getting rent free as well as his wife and two kids even. Nothing picked up or cleaned up what so ever, and going on a month now. That does it, no cleaning up after their own, then I need to take things over. First off rent for a room will be whatever my kid Jr. thinks is fair, and I feel $350.00 per month is fair, with full house use and kitchen use. The master bedroom will need to be given a real cleaning as your able to tell from the phots on
That room will normally go for $450.00-600.00 a month for two people, and this time no kids what so ever. One or two people only! That agin will now be left up to Jr, my son as to when and who to rent to after cleaning and all repairs are made. Pool room will be next after yelling for over a half dozen years or more. Ricky tried to clean as much as possible, but he has his own room and keeps it clean, even cleaner that the caretakers and their kids even. But, Ricky was raised with my kids so he also knows how I keep my places. Plus the fact that Mrs. Caretaker states that when they moved in, this place was a dump? A dump?? I would never move into nothing that even came close to being a dump myself. Oh well, anything to keep all that drinking money as possible.
Asking now why is a U-Haul is in the yard, was told when I asked my kid and he said he told me he was going to park it in the driveway and take care of it as soon as possible. Said ok, come and behold Ricky comes and asks what is the U-Haul here for. I said I have no idea, then he said Jr, was leaving it over night. Then ask jr. Guess you can see where this is going. So, rest of this continued at diary
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