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2021-08-13 17:50:28 (UTC)

When your rep is that good..

I've had clients in the past and more recently too come and ask me for my race/religion whatever you humans call it. and when i answer it always brings a smile to their face. like litreally our reputation is through the roof...haahah

its a strange feeling and has a dash of pride in it too. that you belong to a certain breed of humans who through the centuries have made a name for themselves through their work. they come to me and say how much they enjoy working with people of my culture and how rare we are which is also a fact. my first workplace the dude said im the first of my race that he has ever met. in my school too we had one of us in each class.

we were the first true industrialists and built the infrastructure for the country. without it these indians would still be riding bullockcarts and cows. but now they have infested and destroyed what my people have built and call it their land. like fuckkk offff...i so wish the british would have ruled them a bit more. hhahaah.