By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-08-13 16:30:15 (UTC)

you can't bully someone online.

You can't. to me it doesn't make sense to me.

i can explain it with a simple example. if the whole online bubble is a wide open road. the online bully is a piece of shit right in your way. in most cases they are. then all you do is step over them, go around them rite? you will not step in shit on purpose and then blame the shit for being there.

if the younglings are getting bullied online then educate them the ways of the offline world. the younglings are so accustomed to the online world that they are clueless and powerless without their fast typing fingers. to type is one thing. to speak your mind is a whole new level of shit. plenty times ive been called out for my posts here. and it is so simple to just hit delete on the comments. like its so freaking simple. i don't know why they don't do it. if you post something for the world to see then you gotta have the ballls to back it up. if someone posts shit on facebook i delete it. ive done it. a few friends posted some shit about linkin park and i just deleted the comment. they asked why and i replied i don't tolerate shit like this.

if your kids are gonan run and cry every time somone called them a bitch online then holy fuck sakes you are raising a whimp. yoou can block them, delete them...or if you want to have some fun then engage in their online word play and make them even more frustrated and angry as you simply laugh and sip your leamonade while watching the whole show unfold. sometimes i post such posts which i know will start some sort of argument and then i sit back and watch the fun.

life is short. spend the little time you have arguing with strangers on the internet...