If I die today
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2021-08-12 18:44:46 (UTC)


Just finished eating been a looong day. It was hard to wake up. The important things dentist went 'well" it was a "defect" in the filling so should be fixed now. took allerga d cetrizine and cold meds prior to dentist. Its smokey out. We vistited lCaro after the dentist this evening. did a walk wth the dog and one workout video today. feeling a little run down had some mental anguish about antispacting the dentist so less than productive day but heres some thinking points.
A person texted me who is not a "contact " and said is the ___ insterting my name. so the caller id filter alerted me yGre --- last name__ text isnt a contact. You know what this was a few days ago but if I had not had that alert I woulda been wondering upset anxious who is that. So this comes to mind about that..
ALL things work for good for those who love HIM. See I think this whole spying on people thing and techology is soo wicked I hate when the phone/computer or device knows something. But in this case if it didnt invade my privacy/callers privacy and rights and alert me I woulda been in a tzzy mentlly

2nd thought to know what is right and not do it is sin . in conversations about the current solution to the current supposed problam,. lCaro and i think a like in the senc that the jabberoo isnt a good thing . I mentioned well I dont know when I'll surrender or what my breaking point is and I'm afraid of that. Anyhow i'm weak and at some point I may cave.. So after just chatting. I was on the way home pondering my own break and is it sooo bad if i was to surrender arnt I protected anyway. Well it ocured to me KNOWING what is right . I know wht I believe is right I believe this adgeda is wrong if I knowing willing follow something known to me to be evil well thats wrong. To the best of my present knowledge I do believe this is a wicked adenga. Now there are those that do not know and I suppose they may be under differnt terms with GOD but I have a clear knowing (or what I believe is) and that this is wrong soooo. well if I dont get knowledge that changes what I know (or think I know) then yup I'm not being faithful or true.

Anyhow feeling a bit exhauseted in every form so thats a wrap

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