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2021-08-12 13:55:35 (UTC)

A Busy Week Without Him

Master is away this week, visiting with His family in SC and enjoying time with 4 generations of his family. That is not something that many get to experience so i hope He makes the most of it.

Wednesdays have become one of our fun days together because of the homefront for me . We have become accustomed to meeting on "humpday", a name that has become iconic for us. Its a day in which i typically shed what clothing i may dorn earlier in the day. Depending on his moods and needs i might simply be expected to pleasure him, while on other days we might give true meaning to the nickname of the day. Naturally its His decision to make. :)

My point is this didn't happen this week. Fortunately work has kept me busy all week so i didn't even symbolically remove any clothing thinking of Him. But rest assured i did recognize the void of Him being away and not being able to provide Him with anything.

i am confident He has been busy with the other 3 generations and their celebration. And i know we will have plenty of time ahead of us. i want Him to have a thoroughly enjoyable time while He can and for Him to know that i am here for Him when He returns.

Forever His,


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