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2021-08-12 08:54:29 (UTC)

I'm my own science experiment 🤨

I need to be careful with my diet and workout. The other day, I had a really light dinner. Didn't eat breakfast or a protein shake the next morning and went to my morning crossfit class. Well, I paid the price yesterday. I may be determined but I can't fool my body. I didn't have the energy and I was dragging butt. I had a good lunch and snack after that. Then after work, I went to my second gym session and I did much better. Goes to show me that a man-card means poop if I don't watch my diet. I didn't mean to not eat. That's not how losing weight works. I just didn't follow my own meal plan. Well, my body reminded me yesterday to not screw around. So ok, lesson learned. I need to make sure I keep with my diet which is the normal but healthy 3 meals a day and 3 snacks in between meals to keep that fire going inside of me. That along with over a gallon of water everyday. Today, I have a bunch of muscles hurting all over. We had a tough workout yesterday. We did chest flys and that makes the man boobs sore the next day. Lat pulls so of course, my lats hurt. i don't even know what we did but my triceps hurt too.

Today should be a light day at work. Only got a couple of mtgs. One boring one and one new thang we need to learn so that one will keep me awake. It's on how to turn up a connection in the cloud for Oracle using a Megaport portal. no worries if that don't make sense to you. It don't mean much to me either at the moment. Just more mumbo-jumbo IT acronyms and/or abbreviations to make IT people seem smarter than they really are. I am speaking to an old friend again that I thought I'd never speak to again. We had sort of a falling out at one point but she reached out and I'm glad. Less drama and more friends is a better way to go at life.

Well, I have a mtg in 25 min. I will sneak in a shower to unslime myself from today's workout. It was a sweaty high cardio day today.

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