By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-08-12 21:21:52 (UTC)

If Hitler was a Vulcan.

To me democracy is dead. It's a grand failure in the scheme of things. Majority wins. Rich corrupt are the majority. They win. We all lose. It's our current reality.

The simple fact that a bunch or rich dudes have more money than rest of the billion of us tells us how fucked up as a species we have become. Any good deed you do is just washed away in this swarm of corrupt assholes. Democracy can kiss my ass.

Biggest lie we are told recently is thst electric power is the future. You bunch of morons. Think about it. Does the electricity you charge your new electric car grows on tress or something? Where the fuck does electricity come from? From the power plants who fucking burn fossil fuels and dump the gasses in the air which the brochure of the car manufacturers say you help to reduce.So your ego may feel clean but you're just transfering the inevitable to someone else. I can't believe this simple logic isn't going through all of you.

Dictatorship is numero uno in my books. Hitler is more of a role model to me than any current social media influencers. If you read his story you will see why he became infamous with genocide. Also you ignorant fools won't know that there are worse people than him but history for some reason has picked him as the escape goat. I can relate to him. People of my culture built this land up and when you see it infested with scum you kinda get what I feel.

So a true dictator whould not be biased and succumbed to the greed of wealth. Logic will be the driving force. If someone does the crime then punishment will be swift and just. Focus will be on betterment of the whole race. Not religion. Not the wealthy. The plague which is tik tok would be banned or their servers blown to bits. If the talent and mount of time would be invested in actual progress and not self loathing then mankind can achieve greatness. Artists, creators, teachers and scientists will be calling the shots and not ignorant politicians. From white to brown and from male to female you are a human. Don't expect and extra attention. You work and you get to live. Drugs would be legal. Let evolution thin out the herd. Addicts will perish. Strong will survive and so will the bloodlines. Respect will be earned not given. Movie celebrities will be kept in check. The world shall not revolve around them. You will be paid on how much you contribute to society. It's absolute herecy that tv show celebs are paid in millions while the teachers and heatlh care workers are paid in peanuts. That type of injustice won't be tolerated .There will be the annual purge. Just like the movie. Those are only some of the rules I would enforce if I was s dictator.

Do you agree with them? They are not far fetched. Oh and I will be having my own personal dungeon where I can torture and detain anyone I wish. Also needed is my own sex slave to share some of my wild fantasies.

If I could snap my fingers and make it happen I would. And before you wanna talk about Thanos as the villan do you also know of someone else who also wanted to kill you all and start new. Hint starts with a G and three letters. And he's your homie.