Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-12 14:07:28 (UTC)

Decided to do the laundry ..

Decided to do the laundry instead before I go to work I’m kinda tired I had some bad dreams lately today I ate chocolate almond milk and some cheerios hoping it would calm me down (chocolate is supposed to calm people down) I have heard horrible anxiety so it barely does what helps is separating myself from my parents and waiting.

I’m hoping my clothes wash quick egnough im trying to avoid people because I smell horrid I could wash up a little “bird bathing” could try that this is why I should of done it yesterday but I was so tired

Had this dream I was tot tally taking covid not seriously they said to put a mask on in one room and I wouldn’t do it but they kept telling me and I kept sneezing

Been having bad dreams in some way for like 3 days the last dream a rat climbed up my fake vines
And a rack to of clothes at my job fell on the floor why idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anyway I’m ok besides that and that I’m not fully recharged I’m going to have to go to work in a Uber because I’m not sure my bus card is working

I wish my mind would work better I want to learn to thread a sewing machine and bake lavender lemon cookies