My secret life
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2021-08-12 09:58:00 (UTC)

Nude outside 8/12/2022

It’s 5:00am here and last nights rain has left the grassy are behind my place a bit wet but not enough to leave foot prints. It’s to dark out to take pictures of my latest out door nudity experience, but hopefully I can venture out again at sunup to take a few pictures of me outside.

I quietly opens the back door to our patio and as I did, I could feel the warm, damp air on my bare skin. This is a great feeling, and one I have felt many times before. As I slipped out the door onto the damp ground, I could see cars driving by our place behind our home. It’s a busy road, paved, and there are businesses on the other side of the street, even an all night gas station. I live in a condo, and I live in a middle unit. The unit to my left, there is a privacy fence around their patio. The neighbors to my right has just a privacy fence between us, and their bedroom window over looks the backyard area.

Anyway, as I walked towards the back, looking to be sure nobody was up, looking out windows or patio doors, I made my way between a group of large pine trees which opens up to the street. It’s early, and the early morning traffic is light, but still more than late at night. I have over my lifetime of going naked outside, in a public area that I just walk upright, and normal, just like if I had clothes on. So as I usually did, I walked towards the road, still somewhat hidden from view from the traffic, but still if you looked a little left, you could see me from the road.

I have only this year begun exploring my neighborhood, and like most places in my past, I start out close to home base, but eventually expand farther out, and farther from home base. Today I went a little farther, I made it about 200 yards away from my safe spot. I even ventured out briefly into an open area where I had no cover. This is such a rush, my heart is pounding and my desires are raging. As I passed back by the area where I could be seen by cars, I watched as a car approached and I stood just far away, but definitely visible if the person in the car might glance my way, could see me. The walk lasted maybe 15 minutes, but I am getting more comfortable expanding my range. Hopefully before winter, I will be exploring the neighbors patios on up the street.

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