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2021-08-12 01:31:38 (UTC)


bro please just knock one person out. I'm begging you. You live in a school of monsters and menaces. They literally look like gargoyles, just throw hands already c'MON. HONESTLY. how are you just gonna let them talk and act like that. you said you wanted to disappear but you're not willing to get expelled, JUST KNOCK ONE OF EM OUT BRO- wHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?????!!
AND HIRAOKA SENSEI...pls curbstomp that woman, im asking nicely shawty, just get her out of here, this whole school--besides you, ayumu, and hatori--are menaces to society, they must be put down.

such pricks.

Manga - Life by Suenobu, Keiko

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