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2021-08-12 03:46:50 (UTC)

Pest control caretakers lies

Wednesday, ‎August ‎11, ‎2021

Oldman's room of TRUTH!

Pest Control- Not Pool Room?

Had Flex Pest Control here again today, was suppose to do outside yards, but guess the caretakers wanted only their pet bugs sprayed instead. No problem, after all still waiting for a lot of the eight years of NO-Work not done to be taken care of as well. Didn't say a word except to my own kid, and of course my own kid already knows from growing up with me and being a landlord of three houses, that I always had outside and inside done as to what Pest Control wanted, and never had a bug in any of those houses until the trashy lazy people moved in not wanting to clean anything up, but drink and drink and drink. Yes, they got me pissed off again, by saying that the pest control service is not doing any good. They can do just so much, stop feeding your critters daily and they will leave for some place else. As long as you continue to feed them, there never going to leave. Twice in less than two months getting service was nice and even this late after ten in the evening still smell the spray. So, know that they are doing a great job! What it is the caretakers want that extra money from the renter instead of having to pay for anything. Never understanding that I can stop that anytime and will if things don't start getting cleaned up around here.
My kid said that Jimmy said I told him not to do the pool room, Say what? I told my kid why didn't he tell me this when he was here. My kid said I already knew you get everything done, so just told Jimmy, to watch this and told the guy to spray the pool room also. No wonder the caretakers only allowing half the job done. What the hell. Just because of that the Pest control will be doing this place long before I ever die. Plus the money will come from rents of the rooms from now on and I will handle the paying.
Not getting the yard's sprayed did piss me off, but what the hell, at least done the inside again, and besides that know that I will have to leave a note to the owner to be sure to do the outside as well when it is time. I know what these idiots were trying to do, and it is not going to work. Just like that $150.00 I gave back to James to give to his dad Jimmy for The electric repairman. The repairman never came to get his two hundred dollars, so expected that half of money to be given back to me. But, no Jimmy the caretaker told my kid that he did not have it, and all that other bullshit crap that flows out of their mouths. I never gave him that money back, and his other kid remembers he did give it to his dad. Oh well, as I said no biggie, and fall will be coming soon and bills will go up even more. But, there still going to keep paying the utilities in exchange for their rent, as no one is going to live for free here. Don't wish to live by agreement then they best be checking for another place soon. No renting of any rooms going to be done until I get that room that the caretakers other younger son Hershel and his wife Leslie and two kids really destroyed. Can'[t rent that out until the damage is taken care of. But, still waiting for the yards to be cleaned up of all the trash as well as the sheds and yes even the damn pool room back able to play pool in cleaned up. They have a lot to do as well still be paying $250.00 from the renters rent every month for the bills that I am still paying on meaning that this $250.00 will still be coming from renter and they will not be able to pay the utilities completely without using some of their own SSI money. Which I really think would be better if they paid $600.00 a month rent for the two rooms that they have now and not worry about even the utilities, which I am sure is going to happen sooner then Fall or before winter comes anyways.
How they get food stamps is really surprising as I still can't get them and don't make as much as the two of them make on SSI close to $1500.00 each and every month. Seen papers come back from SSI on their younger son Hershel and his wife Leslie to where their also going on SSI now with even getting that covid care credit from Biden's government for two kids. I am sure that they don't pay her dad any rent what so ever, hell they get hundreds of dollars in snap or food stamps even. But, like I said tell their stories and I hear about them, there going up here on the world wide internet for my record keeping. After all, as soon as the caretakers moved in eight years ago, they dumped all my records along with their own kids birth certificates that I even paid for to get away. As well as all my other fifty years of records from selling my three homes in California that I use to rent out as well as my own. If all those records were not tossed out into the trash then I would not have to keep everything on the world wide internet in order to remind me. Was doing good for awhile there, but telling my kid that I told him the caretaker that I didn't want the pool room done, Set me off. Not event the $150.00 I gave back to him by means of his own older kid James and he said he paid me it back already. Best hope the guy doesn't want to collect later on, as I did give you the money, and keeping that $150.00 is fine, it will never happen again. Steal from me because your minds are soaked in Alcohol is ok by me. But, telling my kid I would get upset if the sprayer did spray the pool room. My kid said he didn't listen to the drunk, as he already knew it was just another lie for whatever reason. Don't forget the payments will be Still due $250.00 by the first and no later than the third of each and every month until April 2022. Plus whatever else I have to pay out to get things repaired and cleaned up around here. This already listed on pages here in the world wide web, but telling someone I will get mad if they spray the pool room. your feeding the pets?

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