Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-08-11 23:18:00 (UTC)

Another invite out 😮

Johnny the psychiatrist asked me to meet him 😁 it's all happening! Lol...he was so tender and affectionate when he was texting me. 💋 I've said, I will meet him, he suggested the original plan. Under the stars.

And G the carpenter continued texting trying to keep conversation going, and talked about personal things like his house, what he is good at cooking, and other things. I'm still baffled by this, trying to get my head around how he approached me for business reasons and hasn't even met me yet, merges it into personal conversation this evening. All within one day of speaking to me on the phone about business.

He insists on letting him pay me back with a few drinks for me being so helpful. But it's my job, it's what I do, I make sure my property developers and builders are looked after, it's why I have almost 160 client's I manage on my ledger. All loyal to me. Some I've had for year's. And my ledger is growing.

Which I recall earlier today too that Prime text and said "Are you busy? Talking to a fit builder? Can't say I'm not jealous, lol."

I'm a bit dumbfounded, I've literally withdrawn myself from the world as much as posdibld, only involving myself regarding my work and now three men want to see me.

PlayStation magic, LOL....