If I die today
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2021-08-11 13:58:15 (UTC)


Took all my vitimains and walked the dog this mornng followed by an excersize video and then this afternoon completed another excersize video. took 3 of the xr shields antispating the dentist tommrow had both doses of th 2 a day also. next week I will do a half dose on the 2 a days assuming nothing unusual is going on in the body. My brightly boldy yellow colored urine just makes me think I'm wasting vitimains and these are mega doses so maybe I can save some money by cutting back and extend the supply. I should have checked my bank balnce before writing since I have this theme of if I die but i olny spent 12.22 today to re-supply my vitimains so today I didnt hit too low in the bank I think I'm going to have a goal unless a spefic need is present i'm considering my goal for checking balance between 50 at a low and 200 at a high but I'm not set on it but I might tweak it just for tonight since were going shopping and I also need to have 50 available for tommow also just in case Istop somewhere before or afer the dentist. Ok so no new depts incuured today either that I'm aware of. No new wisdom either been thinking thou about forigviness I did read about forgiviness yesterday and so I'm searching myself but wondering what are the signs of unforgivness that maybe I'm holding on where I am not aware or where I am just in denial of my grudge and unforgivvenss so I'm on a search. well I'm doing all right today so I think I can puruse letter writing I need to address the man (well person) I married that I havnt legally gotten free of just yet. but if I die even not for his sake but maybe others if nothing profits from it but even if its to no profit it helps me.

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