Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-11 20:08:27 (UTC)

Today it’s 4.08 pm I want to ..

Today it’s 4.08 pm I want to rearrange my fake vines with lights I finished lack lighting it supposed to be the last season but there might be a spin-off

I like my vines with lights when I’m reading it feels very fantasy

T my social worker decided to buy me some more I and excited but am scared we may be getting too friendly and evading some type of contract
But as I get something out of it it’s on my own terms
I’m so frustrated I still haven’t recharged my energy and I have to do the laundry stupid reason to be angry but I can help it also I can’t move the vines with lights around
My books on hold haven’t come yet

Update took a break ate some food feel more “recharged” I cannot be recharged if I don’t eat I still don’t feel very happy or amazingly peaceful but I feel okay
Silly me
I need to do the laundry before I go to work I have to take the Uber to work because I’m worried about taking the bus

I wonder if I should mention to my therapist that I have a online diary it would be a strange conversation

I’m scared about doing the laundry because idk if a storm would bother the laundry it’s now 536 I (went back and forth )

Talk to you later diary

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