Jenni's Diary
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2021-08-11 20:02:28 (UTC)

Health issues

My stomach has been acting weird lately like bubbly inside and I don't go to the bathroom as much as I used to. I would get shivers and chills and it makes it hard to eat food. Like if I try to eat food while I'm having this chilly and bubbly feeling, it'll make bloat and get stomach pains. I don't like talking about this type of stuff but I really don't know what is wrong with me. Can this be happening since I stopped taking my meds for a while? I would get gassy a bit and cramping. I don't like this feeling. The only thing I can be able to handle down is water and I have been eating a lot less due to my stomach problems. I am really hoping it isn't IBS but my mom's side of the family has a history of IBS.
I've also been experiencing major migraines especially during the night time. I cannot drive at night because of the flashing lights and high beams on the cars. Whenever I turn around or move my head to the side, it is like the world is spinning and blurry. I have been having some hearing loss where I have been turning up the volume on my music more. And because I've been eating a lot less, it makes the migraines worse.

UPDATE: So I went to my doctor's and I do have IBS. I have to be put on a certain diet and avoid certain foods. I started taking my medication again and I haven't been feeling symptoms of IBS that much which helped. I was also on my period so I was having painful cramps along with the stomach pains from IBS. It was so bad and I couldn't function all day. Luckily it went away the next day and I was feeling quite better but was having a heavy period. This weekend was not the greatest with all the health issues I was dealing with.

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