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2021-08-11 12:36:35 (UTC)

Follow up with my surgeon 😶‍🌫️

I didn't take my pre-workout drink. Don't know if that did if or I just wasn't into it today. Crossfit class was ok but I didn't shine. I normally kick butt and go above and beyond. Today, I was just going with the flow. Coach saw that too and he came over and told me maybe it's because I've been doubling up on classes for over a month? Hehe. That is a possibility. I think it's more due to me not taking my preworkout drink and I barely had dinner last night. It was very light. I was too lazy to do a real meal. I didn't have breakfast too so I was on the weaker side than normal.

No rest for the wicked and I had a Dr appt right after. It was a follow up appt from my surgery I had a year ago. The Dr (same person that did the surgery) was asking how I'm doing, any numbness, pain, etc, etc. I told him my left arm is not a strong as my right arm and I'm left handed. To be specific, my left hand grip is weaker. I also told him that I sort of hurt my shoulder once because I did a 115 lb barbell squat. He immediately told me I shouldn't even be doing 1/2 of that. I told him that 115lb was just a safe starter weight because we rarely do barbell squats at the gym and I was planning on going to 135 lb in a couple weeks. This was a test for the "Stronger-Challenge" I'm in. He told me not to but I'm stubborn and will anyway. I will use bar pads to cushion the effect on my shoulders. I did remind my surgeon that he did give me the green light to do anything so....I was doing anything for the past year.

Back at work teleworking. Bossman is acting stupid in our team meeting once again but meh...I get paid regardless so he can say or do whatever he wants. Mute button is just a click away. I have the power!! lol. Only have one more mtg today but after that, I'm home free. Power nap may be in today's calendar appts. hehe 😴
I want to hit the afternoon gym class. I'm tired but I'd rather be at the gym at 60% then not being in the gym at all. It's lunch time. I think I'll take that power nap now. Later diary :)

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