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2021-08-11 18:03:40 (UTC)

Karmic Law

Extremely random post. It wasn't something I was thinking about but some subjects just come to me, the randomness is usually connected with Spirit, so here it is.

If you understood the true laws of karma then you'd realize it holds much significance on the way you behave and it is real. This is because karmic law is all about energy, and we humans are energy, our bodies are made up of energy, our nature around us, anything that lives create energy and non-living objects can retain residues of energy within them. This is the energy people feel in spooky houses, who think 'ghosts' linger to eat their souls and abuse their minds, LOL. It is 99% residual energy within solid non-living objects that merge with our living energy and create sensations that trigger the person's feelings. That triggers their imagination then, sight, sound and blah de blah de blah, bob's yer uncle, the house is, nope.

My point is karma is all about energy. So when people think that because someone sent out bad energy, thoughts, words, behaviours and actions to another human being and think they will create karma, it's true they most certainly will but it isn't just them that harbour that karmic energy, its the person or persons they interacted with also that amass that same karmic field around them.

Ever wondered why you hear people who feel victimised say, "Nothing goes right for me?" and "Ever since he/she did that my life has fallen apart?" or similar. They walk around with a mindset of despair because no matter how much they try to do better, be better, forget people and move on with their lives. They keep receiving terrible news, bad vibes from similar people to their abuser/liar/terrible person who hurt them and general 'bad luck'.

This happens because the karmic field is connective, just like we are all connected. All of life, living things are connected via energy. If you have had dealings with somebody, good or bad, you both create a karmic field, like an aura of karma around your energy, this energy (similar to the explanation of the haunted house above) also affects your sensations, to your feelings, to your imagination and that creates a cycle of thought processes that ultimately lead you into similar situations and around similar people types.

So if you soak in the trauma, heartache, bad vibes someone has caused you, and retaliate, get angry, aggressive, reactive, you also become the exact karma they are creating.

The solution?
Even if you remove that person from your presence, life and even if you moved halfway across the world, none of it would make any difference at all to the karmic field. What you have to do is completely let it go, let go of the thoughts around them, the trauma, the heartache, the struggle. The only way you release yourself from it and the recurring patterns are in effect to erase it from your memory and tell yourself it doesn't matter and you're over it. Until you believe that and your thoughts are wiped of any remnants of the experience, you're then free from the karmic field created between you both.