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2021-08-11 21:04:07 (UTC)

I'm sort of a scientist myself..

My head is a meme collection.

I just did this amazing thing and I had to tell y'all about it. I live in the city which means it's a cesspool of human scum. Constant honking and loud mouthed obnoxious indian species. On my daily walk home I normally listen to metal. Keeps me calm from wanting to execute them.

Recently I got myself a new pair of earpods. They suck. They are cheap ass so I bought them. The reviews online said decent sound. So I lowered my expectations to decent. But then I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. I bought these cheap ones cause I had an expensive pair and the left one stopped working. Now when something expensive goes to the shitshow it hurts bad. I've had plenty past experiences where tech just quits on me. So I now settle for the cheap ass ones.

I love spooky shit. Haunted. Gore infest. Darkness. Etc. I went on YouTube and found me some nice meditation sounds to keep me calm. I downloaded haunted forest sounds, asylum sounds, dungeon and torture ambience... You get my drift.

So yesterday I put two and two together. I took my cheap ass earpods and put on some haunted forest sounds. And holy shit fucks it felt great. I could hear the owls, crows and the distant wailing of spirits. The insects and the rusting of the leaves. All of it as I walked home on these fucked up streets. I felt so calm. And it was loud enough so the outside sounds were barely audible.

end ..