Ruby’s healing journey
2021-08-10 22:43:23 (UTC)

I went to the grocery store in ..

I went to the grocery store in a uber both going a coming back the people were nice this time one asked me some friendly questions like are you vaccinated which yes I am fully
Moving on
Idk I’m supposed to be autistic which makes you confused but I feel I see the world really clearly I just don’t trust what I see sometimes I’m working on that tangent sorry

I got some veggie sushi from the groccery store it was ok I was hungry so I devoured it but I perfer just plain avacodo sushi with other stuff in it
and started eating a vegan chocolate chip muffin

I am leaving a mess of dishes to do when t is there (social worker) because I just have very little energy

I had to pay 21 dollars( it was originally 8 dollars) for the Uber because I did it in the storm

Idk what I’m going to do this month hopefully is better then I think

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