Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-10 20:31:50 (UTC)

Tried to make e her bracelet ..

Tried to make e her bracelet but the cord is too thick I couldn’t find a plastic small cord at michals. So I got yarn cord

Sometimes I wonder how old friends are like when they stop being your friend not connected at all but yeah like does how you were help other relathionships do you leave a mark or does it stop the relathionship

I talked to mom on the phone but didn’t talk. To her in person I like that better no chance of many types of abuse that way I can hang the phone up. If I want

I’m irrationally scared of my neighbors sometimes I’m scared they can hear me talking and are fed up with me especially when I’m fed up with them being loud

Yesterday someone in tj maxx the retail store I work at came and said the men clothes look female I can’t help if the men clothes look female if there men clothes I thought it was interesting
though I guess because I’m the type who thinks it doesn’t really matter anyway I just like wearing fairy feminine clothing but if a girl wants male clothes who cares especially when I work there because I get kinda dizzy working especially because I just recently started wearing sketchers to work before I wore something else idk why I’m even posting I just want to comfort myself today I am kind anxious because I saw my mom in the flesh two days ago sorry if I’m going nowhere

Today I’m trying to head to Harris teeter to get grocceries but I just feel so anxious I don’t know how to explain the last time I got in a in a Uber the Uber driver acted like I shouldn’t ride a uber I think because I have grocceries I just don’t want that to happen again

Also idk if the call was best to my mom I think it doesn’t count with my emotions but I can’t say anymore idk if it’s because I haven’t took my medicine

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