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2021-08-10 21:08:02 (UTC)

Wear a Mask!

I'm the ultimate homebody. If I can stay at home, I will. I do often make little trips to the store though, and I don't usually go this late (9:08pm) but I figured I had better get some stuff before it closes. My body clock is in a really bad way right now so I need supplies to get me through the night. Urgh. Anyway, I don't really know how lax the rules are here in terms of covid. They seem to change so regularly that it feels pointless following them at this stage. We have a little block of shops near where I live and most of them have the same signs in the window which read 'no mask, no entry', which makes a lot of sense, right? I went into two different shops tonight and there was so many people in there not wearing a mask and it just made me feel uneasy. I guess I just feel even if the rules are relaxing, it's still probably good practice to maybe keep using them? 'Safe than sorry' and all that? I wouldn't say it bothers me massively, I think it's just more shock I suppose? I think things have been this way for so long that masks are just normalising for me now. I guess the phrase 'not out of the woods yet' comes to mind.

I find myself feeling my age though when I look around and see people not wearing them and I shake my head like 'you pesky kids, going around not wearing your masks!'. I guess at the end of the day I just want people to be safe. We went on holiday to Hong Kong back in 2017 and they wore masks everywhere, which seemed like a pretty sensible thing to do. My immune system is trash as it is and I get ill pretty quickly, so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up wearing a mask whenever I'm out now! It can't hurt, right?

It makes me ponder how life at university is going to be when I return next month. Nothing has really been said regarding rules/regulations yet. The only message we had the other day was regarding people that needed to resit modules/exams, and I don't, so yay! I'm very nervous for my second year though. I'm trying not to think about it but the days are going by so fast, it's going to be here in no time. It will be nice to finally meet all of my classmates though, as I only met a handful of them due to covid. However like I said, I'm a homebody...so if they wanted to do the entirety of the second year at home too, I would definitely be up for that. We'll see what happens I guess. I'm sure they will have us wearing masks on campus either way.


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