Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-10 15:56:43 (UTC)


Today is 11:56 I talked to my therapist yesterday she respected my vulnerability I feel like I now have the word no I can say again I don’t know what she did but somehow she helped me get there I did let my dad in my apartment today but my mom is not coming he helped me cash my check because I didn’t know how to fold it I finished the afterward yesterday it was good getting another copy to loan to friends. Waiting for my new hold.
Keep thinking about getting those fidget toy where you pop the bubbles but also feel like unless your super non Nero typical or just really like fidgets there useless

Had a dream about a rat getting on my fake vines and a dream I can’t Completly remember something about having to clean up a lot of clothes from my retail job which I had to do yesterday but like worse

I felt like I was moving slowly yesterday so they benched me I couldn’t get the junior section clean egnough

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