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2021-08-10 08:26:32 (UTC)

Snapshots of the past 😌

I got some snapshot pic reminders today. Either from FB or Amazon photos. Both do that stuff. It was a few years back and it wan't a good memory but I'm still thankful for it. In the past, it would bum me out. It's really fascinating how pics are tied to emotions by looking at the pic. Maybe it's a man thing since supposedly, we're more visually orientated compared to women. Not sure but I know I read that somewhere. Anyway, getting back to the pic, it was a sad time like I said but I see things differently now. Now I can unconsciously compare the pics (in my head) to where I am now compared to that time in the past. In general, I like where I am now. Seeing that sad past only makes me appreciate what I have now which is of course peace within and a drama free life (at least momentarily). So once again, I find a reason to smile feeling grateful for where I am. Sure, things could be better and you should always look to improve your life but at the same time, I can stop to smell the roses.

As far as today's gym session, it was a Tabata workout. Mucho macho cardio. My ankle had to work this time and it was fine. Whew... Saw curly haired lady and the blond chatterbox. She told me her Sister that she was bringing along last week returned home to Vegas but is planning on moving to Sacramento permanently. Did I ask? Nope, she just like to talk so I listen. She's ok. Glad to lend an ear to her because she now misses her Sister. Sister had a nice butt btw. Just sayin. 🤪

I also tried on my new bamboo fiber briefs. I have to say they are very comfy. If there was such a thing as silk undies, I'm guessing it'd feel like that. No binding and although I was sweating a lot, my....boys were breathing just fine and it almost felt like I wasn't wearing any briefs (but I was I promise). This may sound wimpy but I'm keeping my man card anyway :) Met a couple of new friends at the 7AM class. Dana and Gary. Nice people. Never can have too many friends.

Got a lunch date with Carrie. Just lunch and I think I'm only doing this because of what I preach to myself. If there is a 1% chance of me having fun, I should go. I think it's barely at 1%. She is a little confusing so meh....that's how I feel about it. So.. I will. Also, we have our meetup doing one last camp for the Summer. It's in Aug and at Kidd Lake. I like it there. Nice lake and the drive isn't long at all. If I recall, maybe an hr. Decent lake. There are some trout to be caught. If we go early enough, we'll have a lakeshore camp sight to camp at.

Well, I'm technically working. Just catching up on emails. First teams mtg in not till 10:30. I should shower so I can go straight to lunch with my future stalker right after. hehe. Kidding. Sorry, that's mean. Later diary.