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2021-08-10 10:28:00 (UTC)

Everything I do is right

I feel disgusting. My self hatred is paralyzing. It’s like dread and anxiety crawling up to get me from whatever gutter they arose from. I physically become unable to do anything due to the pure disgust I feel for myself in the moment.

Reddit advice said to list the reasons for that disgust/root of the matter.
I’d say the main thing is my looks. My appearance and how the ridiculousness of it is increased no matter what it is I do.
My actions. I’ve said it before, but I’m basically stuck in a cycle with all of the things I do. It’s dumb that I can’t act right or do better. Everything I initiate seems to end in failure.

Now what. That didn’t do anything.

Something something, narcissism, blah blah, arrogance.