My secret life
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2021-08-10 07:03:36 (UTC)

In the beginning

Hi, let me first say, no way am I a writer, so please excuse punctuation, grammar and misspelled words, snd I hope you enjoy, or learn who I am.

I’m not getting any younger, and life moves on. I’m wanting to express the inner me that I’ve kept secret to most people over my lifetime. I hope sharing this side of me will help someone else know that there are a lot of us out here. The side of me I would like to reveal is my desires for nudity, and sex. I know your thinking, this isn’t anything new, and that’s true. I just want to document from a very early age how I started out with the desire to be naked, then led to sexual desires, lust, for casual sex. I will write about things I’ve done to fulfill these desires, to fulfill that desire.

A little background about myself. I grew up mainly in the country, in the Midwest. We were just a normal, as normal could be family going to school, father going to work every day, and a stay at home mom. Yes, that was way back in the day when being a stay at home mom was a job, and for those who are still doing that, it definitely is a big job.

I was around 3 or 4 years old when I began the feeling to take my clothes off. Not just in the house, but outside as well. Knowing what I knew, taking my clothes off outside, or even inside, other than to change clothes, or take a bath, was not permitted by my mother. I learned early on that my naked body, and sex was NOT something mom saw as normal. To her nudity,and sex was as she called it, “Dirty”. So knowing that I kept my desires hidden from her and the family.

My first time I ever took off my clothes, we were living with my grandmother at the time. Our house was being built, so we lived with her for awhile. She lived in the city with close neighbors and street lights at night. I went out one night, not real late, but it was dark. Back then it was safe fir a boy my age to go out, we didn’t have the crime like today.

I was outside playing, and the urge to strip naked came over me. It wasn’t the first time I’d felt this desire, but had fought the urges back. This time I don’t know why, but it felt right, and as I looked around to see if anyone was around, and for a place I would not been seen by anyone. My heart was pounding, and I got this sensation in my groin area that felt good. I don’t know why, but the idea of what I wanted to do was stimulating. I went into the bushes beside the house, concealing myself from view. As I entered I nervously began pulling my shirt off, pausing to make sure nobody was close by to see what I was doing. The entire time my heart is racing, and I had a raging erection as I pulled down my shorts, then my underpants. In my mind I was battling the fear of being caught, abd how great this felt. I don’t remember how long I had my clothes off, but it seemed like a long time, but it probably wasn’t more than a couple minutes.

I slipped back into my clothes, and trying to conceal my erecrion became difficult. I had enjoyed touching myself when I was like that, but at that age, all I know is it felt good. Eventually the erection went away, and I went back into the house with the feeling that everyone knew what I had done. I don’t recall how soon after that, that I did it again, but I remember at least several more times before we moved to our new home. I recall only coming out of the bushes once or maybe twice but I only ventured out a couple of feet before returning to my hiding place. We finally ended up moving to our new home in the country, and my thoughts went to the many places at our new home I could continue my desire to be naked, free from clothes.

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