Jenni's Diary
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2021-08-10 04:10:47 (UTC)

Overachiever overworking

Ever since I had started college, I had always worked 2 jobs and I managed them with school schedules and studying. There were times it did get too much and I had mental breakdowns along the way. I had gotten a second job on top of my first job. At first, I wasn't really thinking about how these 2 jobs would effect my school and studying time, I just went ahead and applied. I don't know whether to quit this second job I had recently gotten or keep it because it is only seasonal. If my parents found out, they will tell me to quit the second job or both jobs just to solely focus on school. I am really nervous on how this new school yer is going to be like for me. Being the overachiever I am and having a habit of overworking myself has had its bumpy roads these past few years. It's like I still haven't learned my lesson. I really don't like my first job so I am hoping with this new second job, it'll be better and fun. I don't know whether to quit before my first day or try out the job and see how I like it. I am very ashamed of myself for what I gotten myself into.