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2021-08-09 17:55:34 (UTC)

Smooth sailing here 👍

Working late tonight so I had to tweak my gym schedule. 7AM class was good. Curly haired lady was there and told me I'm looking good. Hehe. If true, I'll take that compliment. If she's just being nice, I'll still take it. 👍 I didn't have to do any crazy twisting around so my ankle did fine. Went to work and found out I have a late turn up I have to do for a new Dept. DCC. I think it Stands for Dept of Cannabis Control. Who the heck knows what they are responsible for. I assume a way to collect taxes but meh.. I only do the Network part so "it ain't non of my business". I get paid the same.

Since that turn up was scheduled for 5:30, I went to the 3:30 gym session. The afternoon session was way off schedule from the morning session. Lots of tricking running laps. Ugh... I don't love laps. It's just as sucky as burpees. And I'm stupid too. I have to be in front of the class when we are out because....I dunno. Competitive spirit in me that's been in me my entire life. No thanks to my parents because they sure as heck didn't support me in anything. Ok, drifting. Anyway, I'm so happy my ankle survived and it's doing fine. Right ankle still looks poofy but at least there is not pain. You know that saying "No pain no gain?" Screw that. Pain in no bueno no matter what. hehe.

Made it home and got my Amazon packages. No pets to greet me. No dogs or cats. You's been said that companies are stocking up on pet food and pet stuff because the dating scene is becoming terrible now especially for millenials. I'm drifting so that's a subject I'll chat about maybe in the future. Dunno. It's not the most positive topic so I may not. My packages are my new set of punching gloves and some bamboo underwear. Bamboo underwear sound weird huh? But actually, it like a light material that breaths better than cotton. It's not man made or I think it isn't and it's so comfy. I am a slimer when it comes to working out and sweating. My shirt is soaked. My shorts can be damp too and of course, that mean my undies are really soaked from all that sweat (No, I don't pee myself when I workout). So that's why I got these bamboo briefs. Helps the boys breath better. hehe.

I can't make dinner yet because I'm on this conference call waiting for the customer to configure their end. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Sigh... so I'm here on this site. Posting insignificant stuff to kill time. Has my first dose of Turmeric. Tastes... meh... Makes the water look like the Tequila I mixed with the li hing mui but sure don't taste the same.

Can't wait to try out my new gloves....and new undies. 🤪 I have another pair of punching gloves coming tomorrow. My current gloves are stanky-stank!! I bought some glove cleaner deodorizer but it it's a no-go, I'm dumping them.

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