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2021-08-09 22:52:09 (UTC)

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Goddam that PS4 game "Stranded Deep" is fookin awesome! So, I made it to day 57 of survival using the emergency lifeboat (that was shit) so most days it's constantly watering and feeding yourself, fortunately, certain plants I could chop down (with a stone knife I made) and I also made a fishing rod and spear and went swimming in the sea, fishing all sorts. I attempted hunting a shark but I needed a better spear. Now I have made a spear gun so can hunt the shark, great white and there is a megalodon!! Fuckyyyy Woah! Now I am on day 111 of survival! Lol, at last I know how to survive now if I survive a nuke, lol.

But until that moment, I have spent my evenings and all last weekend (other than doing usual chores) building an almighty raft, with two sails, containers to hold large wooden crates 26 of them! (Found on shipwrecks, on land and under the sea) I've also built a farm and am growing fruits, fibrous trees to make more cloth and feed my water huts (so I get tons of water for me and the farm) and Ive got two huge cliffs on the island I chose to make my home, I also have two wild boar and one hog, giant crabs and little crabs and I've made bird and fish snares so I'm eating seagulls and all sorts of fishies too, lol.....

I've taken my giant amaze balls rafts across to other islands and sourced lots of wood from trees, clay on the sea bottom using my pickaxe I made and lots of stone too. Ive also made a loom and a tanning rack so I can tan the rawhide from the boar to make leather and use fibrous leaves to make the cloth on the loom.

Yeah, I am at peace, lol. No, stressy mucky shite from wanky men on dating sites that I dont bother with currently.

I took my daughter into a local town today for her immunizations, and she wanted to show me a crystal shop and we bought some small wind chimes that offer a subtle ching and its sound like magic lol....We have one in front of the French doors and one in my daughter's bedroom. I also bought a beautiful bracelet and silver chain with a large heart-shaped moonstone with the most beautiful silver details wrapped around it that looks like little silver branches entwining around the heart. Very beautiful. A treat for me :))

Off subject, did you know Antarctica, as well as Mars and Pluto, have huge rivers beneath miles of thick ice, in Antarctica, they found 3,500 species of tiny animals living there, where there is no sunlight and it -85c below freezing! This means that its likely that Mars and Pluto have the same as the nitrogen and some other gas is 50% higher than above the surface meaning there is life and NASA already explored the nitrogen and gas levels on mars and Pluto using space stuff to orbit Pluto and measure it (genius science stuff) and of course they have been exploring Mars for years on the surface with Perseverance (currently on Mars), Curiosity, Spirit, Opportunity and Sojourner.

Love, love, loveeeee science!!

Johnny the psychiatrist and I have been texting every day and chatting on the phone a bit. He was losing a little patience with me because I was distracted by my gaming which is super addictive and fun! Lol, but he is alright but he isn't making any plans with me either so it is whatever my mind. If he isn't going to sort it out and arrange something then don't expect me to be overly enthusiastic. I'm not into endless texting for months and not showing any progress. I think he just wants someone around, however, he said he finds me intelligent, attractive, funny and loves my body, but it's all words. There is no action, so I say it again, it's whatever.


I am very much enjoying my solo time now, I went through a stage (during dating scene) wanting to meet someone but I realize, my somebody isnt on dating apps, lol. Dunno where he is and I can’t be fucked to go looking either, so I am finding other things in life to enjoy instead, I’d don’t care and to be fair, I do love doing my own thing without having to consider the other person all the time, its either a boring shit relationship that changes or they cheat and lie or they become abusive.

Yeah, its much nicer with my world as it is, I guess in time I’ll probably want to fuck again and be ready to have casual sex and keep it separate from my life and all the nice stuff.