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2021-08-09 15:03:00 (UTC)

grief (2)

She's lived longer than they thought she would
They took the iv out of her
I want them to put it back, I've been crying to my mom that they should put it back

I fell asleep at the hospital last night
I hate the idea of her being in that room alone
I think she would want someone she loves to be there with her
I sung her a song she used to sing me when I was younger, I cried over her body while I sung to her

My dad can't stand to be in the room with her for too long
He's been keeping as busy as he can, we all need a distraction right now
Last night when he dropped me off, he gently ran his fingers over her hair and told me that's what she used to do to him before he fell asleep as a child
He told me he doesn't understand how I can stand to be in the room with her for so long

I've never seen my papa so soft and sweet and heartbroken
They're not married anymore and they haven't been for a long time, but they've been living together
He's been to the hospital several times to see her
When we were in the room together, he was holding her hand and he repeatedly told her "your husband still loves you"
he was caressing her face, he told her he wishes she would wake up
He's brought up several times that he wants to be buried beside her