Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-08-09 19:17:10 (UTC)

🎵"It's A Jungle Out There..."🎶

I am so thankful that I can watch "Monk" again. It might sound a little silly, but that show is a blessing to me. I am similar to Monk in little quirks in my personality I have. I don't have OCD, but I do notice little things that bother me here and there. On one of the episodes last night, Monk was talking to his therapist and there was a rock in his shoe bothering him. He got the rock out and it was so tiny and his therapist was like, "That's it???" I would have noticed it too!

That's a small example, but from what I remember seeing, when Mr. Monk's wife, Trudy, was alive he either had very minor OCD (if that's a thing) or was just quirky... probably like how I am now with things (because I know I either don't have OCD or it's not severe). Now, he has severe OCD and I can understand why. The death of his wife, pushed him over the edge in regards to that.

I've been pushed over the edge in just not caring about anything.

Anyways, I relate to this character and now, even more so, I relate to his pain.

Last night, they showed the episode near the beginning of season 1 where Monk really liked this woman. She looked somewhat like Trudy. The way he looks at her and acts around her... so adorable! 💖💖💖

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