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2021-08-09 09:29:10 (UTC)

Hero still sitting here

Hero Member Experience Team 226847 is awaiting your response

Support <[email protected]>
Sun, Aug 8, 5:03 PM (11 hours ago)
to me

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Hi John,

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The Hero Member Experience Team

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John Lewis <[email protected]>
4:27 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Support

It's been over a week, and I am still waiting for the box with a mailing label to send back your machine. You stated that the box was being delivered the day I spoke to you over a week ago. Your machine is all it is stated, and really nice to have. But, when I feel I am being double billed and your client service center makes threats that if I don't send it back then I will be held responsible for the cost of $1500.00. Making that threat did not help your maintaining a customer. At 75 years old, I have been threatened enough over my lifetime, and not about to take it from any snot nose punk on the phone!
Send the box at once and I will gladly repack as I indicated and it will be on it's way by the United States Postal Service. You know I can not use it, when you have it blocked. I just don't understand why you have not sent the package material and box as discussed. But, billing me twice in one month and then again later in August again, I was not going to accept. I am waiting for the box. Thank you, be sure to insure as well, after all the post office only insures up to $200.00 for free. Thank you John Lewis Sr.
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John Lewis Sr.
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