no name
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2021-08-09 03:41:28 (UTC)


I have pretty manly legs. From the knee down. Aside from the toenails I guess. Then there’s my shoulders. Reminds me of that Pinterest doll monster-💀. Many different parts that aren’t necessarily meant to fit together. So it looks weird. Misfit. Deformed. Misshapen. Mixed up and confused. I think I’m gonna cut my nails. Take off that polish. Wasn’t my idea anyway.

What am I? No. I know I’m a girl. My real question is why wasn’t I good enough to be able to see that in my body?
Maybe I’m simply a beast with an elongated chest. What a wonderful concept. Might as well just give me cat ears at this point.
Why couldn’t I be given a more feminine look? Why do I look half done. And if it wasn’t going to be feminine, why not just go full on masculine. Why leave me stuck in the middle? All I feel is ugly now. Look what you’ve done.

Ah yes, at least I’m alive. But this physical form just doesn’t…I don’t like it.
Why do I look like this?

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