If I die today
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2021-08-08 18:46:03 (UTC)

almost forgot

almost forgot to write today. Anyhow I'm 85.5percent better from this illness having some tea now preparing to go to bed. Still on the allerga-d. We took the boat out today that went well. I'm dragging cant really think soo much I did shower this evening at like 630 but I was so beat I didnt even bother with my hair or detiled shaving just the essitals. Still running slow. yesterday I watched a call for an uprising I'm interested in learning more about graphene. (however you spell that) Truth unedited this morning was humbling sobering and encouraging it was hard to hear thou perhaps my own problem with the LORD is me. I do feel like I need to just push aside distractions. I can spefically call the tv a distraction and just that one thing alone would signifnaly change my life to reproirtize that time. And I hope to try a longer walk tommorw with the dog I'm in no condtion to run and by wend we are in a heat warning again so taking the excersize step by step. anyhow its tea time watching tv with my love.