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2021-08-08 18:56:55 (UTC)

Ready for the week👍

You know how at times on a Sunday night and you're already dreading the work week that's just around the corner? Well, for me this isn't one of those weeks. I am ready-freddy. I actually checked my week schedule and I'm ready to take it on. My ankle is feeling better thank goodness so hopefully it'll be ready by the time class starts tomorrow morning. I'll see how it feels in the morning. I pretty good with my diet the past 4 weeks and today was no exception.

I cooked a filet mignon and I always thought they were expensive cute little steaks that in no way could fill me up. Today, I cooked one and used it to top off my salad and I only used only 1/2 of that already little itty bitty steak. I pretty much got my salad zeroed in now with just little tweaks here and there. It consists of spring salad, spinach, onions, dried cranberries, walnuts, Trader Joe's dressing, and I'm guessing about 4-8 ounces of steak?

Got my groceries done at Costco. They had a lot of things on sale. Not good for the impulse shopper types (like me). Tempted to get that 32" gaming monitor. It'd just be for work mostly but I only have two dual 23" screen right now and my laptop screen. I bet it'd look cool with a two of those screens instead of these. But meh... I miraculously managed not to get them. Whew. I did see a container of Turmeric. It's in a 16 ounce container and just in powder and not pill form. Since I'm nursing my ankle, I figured I give it a try. Supposedly it lubes your joints and helps with all that stuff especially for nut cases like me that does 10 classes of crossfit a week. I figure I give it a try. I also wanted to liven things up in my family room so I bought a couple dozen flowers. I love the color red. I have a red truck, red kayak, a plethora of red shirts, red air fryer, and red panties if and when I get lucky enough to be with someone nice. But for now, red roses will have to do. I likem. Gets me in a better mood just by looking at them.

So it's almost time for dinner. It'll be cauliflower rice, broccoli and some of that mutant giant chicken from Costco. I swear, that's the only place where the chicken is bulging out of the ready to eat container it's in. Makes stores that sell their ready to eat chicken look like cornish game hens.

One odd thing today is that Carrie (the one that just came over one night out of the blue) asked me to lunch this week. Well......uh......ok I guess. Can't get weird at a restaurant right? So I may as well take advantage of this and I picked to go to Jack's Urban Eats so I can have a healthy lunch.

It was a nice a day as can be for a Sunday. The swelling has gone down on my ankle so I think that'll be ok by tomorrow. Pic was from this morning so it don't look as bad now. Roses in the family room. My wine diffusers are all on the diffuser rack. Since I'm not drinking any wine lately, they are all there not being used. (First time ever 🤪) Good night day. Till tomorrow morn.

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