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2021-08-08 20:45:35 (UTC)

Space Cadet Revives His Social Life

Dr. Wood LIX

What a lovely weekend this has been! I was worried that it was gonna go sour because I made some mistakes at work on Friday (or rather those mistakes were realized then, but done prior), and while no one was mad at me, I could feel myself starting to revert to the self-berating that I had done a few years ago (something I had gone to therapy for). But that quickly turned around as I got to meet up with my mom for dinner at a place called Aloha in Quakertown. Apparently it’s like a new Hawaiian cuisine spot (I was gonna say Hawaiian-Japanese cuisine, but since Hawaii has Japanese roots I think it’s safe to just call it “Hawaiian”). Holy cow that was such a nice time! It’d been a while since I had spent time with my mom, so I was really happy to do so. Got to show her my new car too. In a fashion typical of my mom, she treated me to it, which my wallet was really grateful for. And of course my stomach and taste buds were equally grateful – I ordered a poke bowl with salmon and tuna, as well as a pork tonkatsu ramen bowl (so yeah I had two entrees – found it hard to just pick one). The poke bowl was amazing, as expected, and the ramen bowl was particularly tasty! We enjoyed our meal over good conversation and ogling other people’s dishes as they came out. We then finished off with some green tea and mango mochi, and that was that! It was kind of spontaneous as she had asked me if I was free this Friday just like a day or two prior, but despite the suddenness of the invite I really wanted to go. I hadn’t seen family in like three weeks or something, and hadn’t seen her for a while. So that was really nice!

Saturday was a lovely day too. I took my car to get inspected and waited there while it was getting done. I started this new show called Joshiraku, which is about cute girls doing rakugo and bantering about other random things. First episode was funny as fudge – the bit about them not knowing where to put the dot in the kanji character for dog (inu) was particularly hilarious (hard to verbalize praise for it with how esoteric it was). Car inspection went perfectly, no issues – something I absolutely love hearing when I get my car taken for something. I think I’m now officially done with all my preliminary car work, which is marvelous. I was gonna go take it to a car wash, but the one I normally go to (I mean “normally” very loosely… though I hope I wash my car more often than I did my previous) was closed for some reason. Tried to go to another one but there was a line, so I was like “fudge it, maybe another day”. Went home and watched some seasonals. I also finished watching a show called Anonymous Noise, which I loved! My only reservations were with the end of it – it didn’t really end the way I would’ve liked. Mainly referring to the romantic interest of the main character. But I think it’s based on a manga and the manga goes beyond what was adapted, so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt there. Still a really awesome show with amazing music. Got to then do some laundry, wash my daki cover, and have some lunch before playing AMQ with friends of The Friends Club. That led to me watching them play this new game called Splitgate, which is the beta version of a neat FPS game that integrates Portal-type mechanics. I cooked some tonkatsu for the week as I listened to their banter. There’s something really cool about hearing them talk, laugh, utter curses, etc. that’s really endearing. Makes it feel less lonely I guess. The tonkatsu turned out very well too – I decided to finally take the time to cut off the fat on the pork, which my lazy butt never did before. So that was a super night!

And today was also a ton of fun. We celebrated one of my uncles’ 50th birthday today, and he picked to have the celebration held at Dave & Buster’s. I had a very easygoing morning, doing some posts for my page (oh yeah and I wrote a few postcards yesterday), and then watching some more seasonals (man Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S is so top tier). The drive over to Plymouth Meeting was peaceful – probably the longest distance I’d driven in the Spark so far. As always, hanging out with family was so much fun – just a warm presence from them no matter what. We ate some good food: buffalo-style chicken nuggets, pigs in blankets, sliders, and chips with queso, plus drinks. Then we dispersed and played some games. I hadn’t been to the Plymouth Meeting D&B’s in a while, so there were a lot of updated machines. Very contemporary arcade, a lot different from Yestercades, and while I prefer the latter for its repository of unaltered retro titles, there’s no denying the charm of the more modern ones of D&B’s. I played some games that I was familiar with, then came back for some cake that my aunt made. It was like a pudding and cake hybrid with chocolate icing – nothing like I’d ever had before, but it was really good! Would’ve had more if I wasn’t full. We then all got our photo taken, and most of the family left for home while I and a few others stayed for some more games. Apparently there’s a new House of the Dead game (Scarlet Dawn), which I was very pleasantly surprised by. I didn’t play it (kinda wanna play it on console rather than dump quarters into it at an arcade), but as a big fan of the franchise, it was really cool to see that it had not died (somewhat of a pun considering it’s a zombie shooter game).

I’m now concluding my night with some Splitgate-watching with The Friends Club. I’m genuinely happy that I got to do so much this weekend, and with a lot of people. I felt a bit bad that I spent like three weekends not doing things with people, so this was a much-needed reprieve. And now I can have another three weeks to myself XD Probably won’t be that long without social contact, but I’m just attesting to the balance of introversion and extroversion that I require to stay fulfilled. I mean it when I say while I adore my weekends alone, I adore the weekends that I get to spend largely with others too. There’s a chance that I’m riding off the whole “looking at life with gratitude” energy from a week or so earlier, but this weekend felt whole. I swear – when I’m on a roll with how good I’m feeling about the weekend, EVERYTHING seems to yield a more vivid effect: the taste of the breakfast yogurt, the freshness of the clean laundry, the hype of whatever music I listen to in between events, etc. I’m happy I got to document it all here in my diary. Kinda reminds me of the one day I spent in Somerville, where I wrote like three pages or whatever. Can’t say this weekend was quite to THAT extent (I was euphoric that day), but it was a really - *really* - good weekend.

The Sunday blues are nonexistent today. I’m ready for Monday. Bring it. I’m eager to know how I did with the interview and if I qualified for the underwriter position, or if I’m going to another round of interviews. I’m quite excited for Tuesday, which will be the day that I go out to the Center Valley Promenade for a movie. Still trying to be conscious about money, but I’m making an effort to spend it more on experiences than material things, mainly since I have so many cool things in my house I still haven’t enjoyed the fruits of to their fullest. I’ve got about two to three more hours left for the night, and while I’m pretty exhausted, I’m gonna ride the rest of it out with some fun activities. Like my invariable night-concluder, Maitetsu XD Anyway, gonna continue watching my friends play Splitgate, and I think we’ll watch some “The Detective Is Already Dead” afterward. ‘Til next time!