Ruby’s healing journey
2021-08-08 21:24:54 (UTC)

More recharged

Today the the time is 515 pm today I put lights in the the vine fake (ivy)lights I have

I read more of the afterward which needs one or two more reads before it’s due I have one more light that needs batteries I only saw my dad he came with the batteries in the morning
I feel more recharged but like I can be further
I need to write a check for my rent and clean up also do some yoga

I should wait till my social worker comes to fix stuff

Thinking of whether I want a dr who tank top anymore I think the answer is yes just less details then it was before
(The last one had Vincent van goph)

But I want the majority of my clothes to be fairy core themed
I finished charmed now I’m watching black lighting

I’m trying to make it so my only source of sugar is icecream and desserts because I noticed health problems with other foods long story tmi if I explain the whole way

I wish I had vegan brownies in the groccery store that I found I also miss the vegan enmpanada (think I’m spelling this wrong )I found at the farmers market and the microwavble tamale I found

I also need to find a new book for the libray

I wish I did more stuff still haven’t baked lavender cookies or learned how to sew or learn how to play the ukulele or tryed roller skating and skate boarding

Like I thought I was going to do this month

Edit: also I feel like a teenager

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