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2021-08-08 18:55:44 (UTC)

A bit angry

Recently on this site, I got a message from a user, and usually I really enjoy people messages because I feel less alone. However this time was very strange?

I copied and pasted a part of the private message.

"If your weight is good and your healthy…
Use it to your advantage, a spa day can be more than cleaning pours.
Personally I’d find the masseuse, the only thing that beats a good rubdown
is great sex. ( sometimes it’s even better than sex )"

I feel like its very careless to recommend to random people on this site to have "great sex" if your stressed since a good chunk of people on this site are depressed minors. Maybe I am too sensitive however, I thought this was a bit gross. He even didn't ask for my age? I am 17 so its still illegal where I live.

Anyways so I was reading through his posts and in one of his post he mentioned sexting people, and making inappropriate calls to people on this site.

A section from their diary
"I’ve been corresponding with a beautiful woman on here, I want to make her my sub. Problem is she is on the other side of the world."

He said he met with a woman on here!?! Is this a dating site? I am so confused.

I feel a little bad for sharing this information but I didn't disclose the user's name. And I only included like 1-2 sentences, so you wouldn't be able to find him right?

Oh well, hopefully this won't turn out horribly.

And to end it off, I really like it when people reply to my diary posts. It just that I feel very very uncomfortable with flirting and topics about sex. So don't feel guilty about messaging me, because I like the messages/conversations I get.

Alright well byeeee.