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2021-08-08 09:11:46 (UTC)

Slightly injured 😖

I can't believe it. I didn't realize it but I sort of injured myself yesterday in the most stupidest way. We did all kinds of stuff that could have easily caused it if not careful. Lateral side to side bounding with a bosu ball, agility ladders, jump rope, box jumps. All those can easily hurt you if you're not focused. Yet, I hurt myself doing one stupid thing. It was just getting off the box after landing on top of it. How lame is that? Getting hurt stepping down. Doh!! I felt a sharp pain when I did it but during class, you're in a state of mind where you deal with the pain and move on.

Well, this morning my ankle gave me a big ass greeting when I woke up and took my first few steps. Ouch!!! Good thing there aren't classes today. Hopefully I heal quick enough to make it to tomorrow mornings class. I probably should take it easy and not hit the malls and do any impulse shopping. I should baby this ankle for a day but men have this stupid thing in their heads at times and I admit, can be stubborn and not do what I should be doing.

My friend came back from her Hawaii vaca and was able to get me the one thing I wanted her to get. She got me "Li Hing Mui" powder. This flavor can be put into a lot of things from ice cones to tequila. Guess what I'm using it for? hehe. Can't drink it yet but it's a game changer. Even the change in color looks cool.

I do need to hit Costco though. Whether they are still good or not, any leftover spring mix, spinach, and broccoli are dumped and I replenish them. And you know Costco, they pack these as if you're feeding a family of six. Hard for me to finish when it's just moi.

Still, it's a good day. I'm off of work and being bored on a day off still competes with having a fun day at work. 🤪 Ok, gonna enjoy my coffee time and I'm sure there's some boring ass thing I need to clean in this house so off I go.
Later diary.

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