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2021-08-08 21:41:00 (UTC)

A good day..

Good food...
Good music..

And good company. Is all we need to be happy. Yes??

If you ever seen chef Gordan Ramsey in action he has the habbit of saying yes? After he makes a statement. I do that too a lot at work. Makes me sound more authoritative. Hahahaha. If only I could swear like him I would be so much happier.

Pizzas, beer and some metal music. Every Sundays should be like that. To relax. I'm a creature of simple needs.

Today I woke up at around 10am. Then went back to sleep till 4 in the evening. Then woke up and made me some ramen noodles. Then had some tea too. So in bed I was listening to some good music. And also was browsing reels on Instagram related to some metal music keywords. That made me happy.

Tomorrow the week starts again. Have to prepare for it.