By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-08-08 19:05:18 (UTC)

The Legacy

Currently listening to the song the legacy by Iron Maiden. It's beautifully crafted. It starts slow with some slow guitar and his meaningful lyrics and then builds up into this awesome full blown powerful track.. Its almost ten minutes long and at 6 mintues it really picks up with some beautiful riffs and's definately something to give a shot to even if you are new to this.

"Why can't we treat our fellow man
With more respect and a shake of their hands
But anger and loathing is rife
The death on all sides is
Becoming a way of life
We live in an uncertain world
Fear, understanding and ignorance
Is leading to death
Only the corpses are left
For vultures that prey on their bones"

Just look at those lyrics, we can connect. it's real. it's reality what we all face.

Got me thinking, whats your legacy? what would you like to be remembered as? what would you want to pass down to the future generations? music is a powerful force to move the inner souls of us all and bring us joy or comfort us in our darkest times. If i ever have offspring of my own im gonna have the talk with them about music. I'll tell them there is some emoty music out there. The one which makes you feel happy but after that the feeling just goes away. A quick distraction of sorts.

Then comes the metal genre. If you want something to be ever lasting it has to be either metal or classical music. Anything else is just a few months worth of entertainment. The beauty about certain metal bands is that the parent and the offspring can both enjoy them. these songs run for a good seven to eight minutes. They have a story behind it. They take you on a journey. Look at Iron Maiden, started in 1980s before i was born and now i'm listening to their album which released in 2006 and 2017. its something one can pass down to their children. Humans are born for this. To pass on their genes and also what is dear to them. My father was brought up listening to Frank Sinatra, Bee Gees and kinds. Not bad. That age has some good music too. Would be awesome if he was a metal fan. I know my offspring will have my metal genes in it.

The current popular music scene ...I can never recommend such music to anyone. Where are they now? these artists won't last more than a few years. Their music is all the same. it's not crafted with melody and lyrics. It's made in a computer pusshing buttons and adding tonns of autotune. it is emotionless. Not something long lasting. It's not something you can connect to. i know to each his own. I know many of you just say metal is noise. You cast it out like a white would to his coloured humans back in the past. wouldn't give it a second chance. wouldn't treat it with respect and let it grow.

Living as a metalhead is like being an outcast here. If you are not surrounded by people who support and share youre interest then it's hard. you have to be extra strong. You have to supress this desire to share. Although you see everyone sharing and talking about the lastest popular music like it's the best you know, deep down you know. That it will pass and they will just be hungry for the next new song to hit their ears. from my childhood friends who i grew up with to my family to my work place to my college and everyone i meet here offline as to call them, none of them appreciate metal music. Not a single one to share my happiness with. that shit cuts you deep. but the scars are something i have learnt to live with. then i come online and boom im surrounded by the people of my music. its a good feelings. to feel safe somewhere you know.