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2021-08-08 12:35:07 (UTC)

In which I FSSW for the 2nd time.

Remember Craigslist before SESTA/FOSTA? It was perfect. People could be up-front. Not that hustlers and buyers have never been on dating websites - especially buyers, probably hoping for the less "jaded" (ie. experienced) to use or underpay - and now men are mad at the players and not the game. As if y'all weren't playing your bullshit numbers game, skipping over profiles, even before Ok Cupid became as shit as Tinder.

Tinder is literally a scam, by the way. Don't give it money.

Anyway, rant over.

I lucked out and met a guy in my area who was looking for oral. I got legit genuine vibes from him. And he turned out to be the ideal John, and was happy I could see him at such short notice.

It was a nice day, so I just threw on some leggings and a tank/best top that showed my curves. It felt natural - ok I was a bit tipsy but still - I had him wash his hands and he went to use the bidet and then he came into my room.

There was some chitchat, but mostly down to business. He touched me a bit over my clothes as I noshed him off, I didn't mind - I might even enjoy it next time, when I'm feeling less on gaurd. Honestly, the messiest BJ I've ever given (because I wanted to feel like I'd earned the money I suppose lol.) it was the first time I ever had a snot-bubble from all the gag saliva. (Wish I took a photo for my sadist.) A bit too much; I vommed a little. But hey, at least I know where my limits are.

He had an interesting penis shape, quite small head but everything else on the slightly larger side of average. Like a scaled-down version of the first guy's dick. I asked if he'd like sex as well, but he said condoms "are like Kryptonite." Fair.

Once we were done, I supplied baby wipes, he thanked me, said he'd see me again soon because he "doesn't like to leave it too long", and then he left. All in all, he was in my room for about 40 minutes.

Another case of beginners luck; everyone else has turned out to be wishy-washy and time-wasters.

I'm also going to have to contend with the fact that, if this is gonna be a career for me, a big factor will be my emotional labour rather than my physical labour.


The first guy keeps trying to get me to get a "normal, safe job." And he thinks I'd get rich off being a YouTuber, and even recorded himself mainsplaining how to make videos and hire video editors blah blah I didn't listen to all of it. Like, shut up old man, I'm a digital native who watches YouTube videos ABOUT YouTube. FFS.

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