By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-08-08 17:57:12 (UTC)

Frankenstein's monster.

I would definitely be a Magneto. I can relate to him more than prof X. Was watching the movie X-Men first class. One of the best prequels out there.

I can't do good with power. Good as help etc. I would protect my own kind but then would also punish the guilty. Prof X took the more diplomatic approach like the political leaders now with all their bullshit.

I would be a good sith too. Not a Jedi. I find the dark side more of my type. When you see so much shit around you your whole view on the outside world changes and you make your own model of the world and it's attachments.

Like did you know that it's normal to spit on the roads here. Imagine this in your city and your neighborhood. The place you call home. What would you do. Youre alone in the fight. You tell them to stop and they laugh at your face. From the cops to the average Indian all of the spit. It's so ironic to see the very signboard which says don't spit has spit stains all over. I know it's common in other poor developing countries too. They chew tobacco and spit. Yeah live with this for all your life. Then see if it doesn't boil up inside of you until you want to decapitate their very heads from their bodies.

It's dark inside. Anger and hate. Built up over time. I don't see any meaning in keeping them alive. To kill them is my only logic.