My Boring Ass Life
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2021-08-08 03:53:41 (UTC)

Update of getting the 2nd dose of the vaccine

So all went well and my dad didn't figure out anything about me getting vaccinated.

However my mom pissed me off 2 times today. The first time was when I just finished the vaccine and my mom was LOUDLY complaining in a vaccine clinic because the doctor who was injecting me asked if she was vaccinated, I will repeat their words.

Doctor: Are you vaccinated? (Looking at my mom)

My mom: I am not getting vaccinated today.

Doctor: I know. I was just wondering if your vaccinated?

Mom: I choose not to disclose my vaccination status.

This wasn't the embarassing part, after I got my shot, I had to wait for 15 minutes there just in case I got an allergy reaction. And my mom complained LOUDLY that the doctor continued to ask about her vaccine status even when she avoided the question the first time around. And she began a loud rant, spreading her anti-vax opinions. So embarassing.

The 2nd time she pissed me off is when recently she's been telling me to go the spa. And I'll admit it, I was flattered. I thought for an actual second she cared about my mental health, or she wanted to bond with me. And fucking hell I was wrong. An hour ago she told me to go to the spa again because my pores are getting filled. This fUckERr. And by going to the spa they would "empty" out my pore. I'm so mad, my mom always comments about my acne and I hate it. It makes me so insecure that I feel scared to leave the house sometime because I feel ugly. Usually when I get angry with her for commenting on my face she usually uses the excuse "Well you keep on picking at your face, by making comments about your face you'll stop." And when I stop, (not because of her fucking comments I've just been hanging out with friends more, therefore less depressed, therefore less picking), she fucking says my pores are filled. For once I think she doesn't have an alternative motive when talking to me, but I'm always tricked. I'm so sad. I hate how she makes everything about beauty, sure beauty is nice but it's not everything. You can still breathe if your not beautiful, you can still be healthy if your not beautiful, you can still be happy if your not beautiful. Stop making beauty everything, because it fucking not. I feel so betrayed, I thought my mom wanted to bond with me. I thought she wanted me to be happy. I really thought she felt bad about me dealing with my dad and wanted to treat me to a spa day. I hate how I fall in love in and out so quickly with my parents. I fucking hate her.

I came back with ice cream and my dad made that stupid motherfucking sumg ass face, while I was holding the ice cream. The same face he makes when he makes fun of my food choices. That I should be eating "healthier" not eating ice eating! You dipshit, I hate you. I'm underweight,

and I'll be honest I struggle with my body image. I've gone 1 and a half days without eating at all because of my (mostly) dad's comments. I hate him. I hate him.

I just want for one day for my parents to stop making me feel so insecure and embarassing me.

I hate them.

Goodnight, thanks for reading my midnight rant about how I hate everything.