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2021-08-07 13:34:33 (UTC)

Silly gym peeps🤪

Our gym members has increased big time. Must be the advertising they're doing. The gym was packed liked sardines!!! We had a bunch of statins today but had some of my favorite stuff. Jump rope, jump box, and punching bags!!! Funny thing when I was at the jump box area. The tallest was 24". I set up a 30" box. Ok, no biggie right? Just doing my thang focused on not breaking my already banged up neck. 😱

Anyway, I picked jump boxes for my first station in case I run out of gas later. Figured I get it over with now. Anyway, we first warm up first. Then we started. I only jumped 30" once before so it's still scary. Well, I focus and launch myself. Made it. Ok cool but I didn't realize peeps were watching and almost the entire gym starting cheering! WTH? Soooo embarrassing. Then of course I was hoping my shorts don't have any holes in them or other embarrassing things you feel similar to being on stage. Dang these people. Takes a lot to embarrass me and that did it. What if I fell? Doh!! I was more relieved I didn't look silly more than just making it. Anyway, they made it into a little cheering thing for the first few jumps. No one else in the gym tried that height and we got some 6' dudes too. Workouts are easier now. After losing 9 lbs, everything is easier to do especially jump ropes and any workout that requires hopping around like soccer taps, lateral jumps, broad jumps, frog jumps, etc, etc, etc.

Then we got on the punching bags later. I was so hyped for today. It's a self standing type of bag being bottoms heavy. I was whacking away at it and it was close to tipping over. So another coach came and held down my punching bag and to tell me to go all out. So I did. It was fantastic not having to worry about it tipping over on anyone. Punched the heck out of it. Coach said I was nuts and good job. hehe.

Curly hair friend was there and came over after class to chat. She said she's inspired coz she saw me jumping 30" boxes. So she will try it next time but is afraid. I get it. It's scary to be in mid jump and your foot gets caught as you go flipping over and/or worse, falling head first into the ground. But hey, falling is overrated anyway 🤪. kidding.

I can't do much socializing this weekend. Friends are going to some places to watch a band and/or karaoke. I don't want to break my "no alcohol" self imposed diet so I have to pass. Funny, I was talking about this with my gym friend. BTW, she's the one that made me join this challenge and guess what? She was gone for a week vacationing in Hawaii! haha. Anyway, I think I was just drinking wine more as a habit and not because I'm addicted to alcohol or my body is craving it or something like that. I just decided to cut it out for my weight loss thing and i've had no relapse, cravings, or side effects. Didn't give up coffee though. One tricking miracle at a time.

Time to shower then heading out for some impulse shopping.Haven't had lunch yet so maybe something fast food but healthy. Is there such a thing? lol. So, make good choices peeps, try something new. Paint your day any way you want to. Where do you want to be in a month, 6 moths,a year? Socialize. Enjoy life. Meet more people. Put yourself out there. Plan what you want to achieve this year. Do stuff you already like to do. So many options. Not enough time to do them. Don't stay still. It's like that old Frogger game. You still get squished by staying still. Make a move. It's ok to crash and burn sometimes. At least you may a move. Get off of Netflix and get out there :) Who knows? You may get into something that will blow your mind!!