Ruby’s healing journey
2021-08-07 17:29:14 (UTC)

Today I’m exhausted

I’m not as exhausted as before but I tired I’m tired because I’m still trying to get over being with my parents I’m also anxious idk how long it’s been but I’ll try to use the diary to document I don’t wanna date into this trauma has been one year old I forgot to tell my friend yet or what happened to me I’m trying to reset my mind and relax not date then something happen I want my date to have my heart fully idk how to explain and I want to be able to trust them unless I can’t I think this might be the last time I see my mom she’s probably going to be angry with me again but I cant do it anymore

I am scared to be with her always and scared to be without her

Anyway I been watching charmed a lot almost done might read more of the afterward don’t know what will be my last book

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