If I die today
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2021-08-07 08:03:51 (UTC)

exhausting being exhausted

just walked the dog from about 818-845 and I was starting to overheat get cranky and wah wah. at a few minutes after 8 I took the allerga D and I did bring a cup of coffee on the otherwise normal and sorta peaceful walk. so maybe the Allgera is makin me sweat? I'm aiming to down that . Feeling a little better slept from close to 10 till about 7. I took cold meds around 4 yesteday before our outtings we did 2 things ad man I was just wanting to go home before dinner I'm beat. I pushed down some sugar free dilatued gatorade a whole bottle to increase hydration and with dinner I did take an emermen-c packet just one and for vitimains yestedery I just took one of everything across the bored one of the 2aday one d3 iodine and one xrsheild since I didnt really start my day till like 2. Anyhow not planning on vitiamains today. Lower endurance and energy than exspected very dry and stuff nose limitied sneezing. Still clear mucus. I did not notice any poor air quialty but its possible theres smoke but walking didnt seem to make me worse just drained. Hopeing to get over this soon. Gotta things and worries on my mind and all kindsa stuff so IDK. been reading luke 16or was it 17? last night so the whole story about the manager I dont understand but the phrase about being faithful in the unrighteous and in the righteeous struck me. How can you be faithful in the righteous if you cant even be faithful in unrighteousness. Does that apply to my relaship ? IDK. Oh anyhow so I sent the check toward my dental loan off yesterday so I think I'm like 3months into paying like 30months. sheesh this sux. my budget is pretty well able to assure that I can pay storage and internet and still have funds bu IDk I'm sorta meh I have no spefic intention on it that varies from previsouly said. i watched last weeks truth unedited this week I'm cathcing up. It struck me how close we are to war3 . Also just how quickly we are crashing and also it got my goat about the ve(a)x-ed vrs un. ITs true even the strongest of people I know are withering and its trending everywhere It pisses me off and I'm having trouble myself knowing when push comes to shove (maybe like at my physcial) what am I gonna do? Its frustrating and overwhelming and mentally consuming I just wanna barf at all the BS media stories criminalizing the nonva(e)xers. What bull crap. Well Iprayed today for some spefic people on the walk but guess i coulda prayed more and better. IDK I'm lost what to do. well this is what I leave you with today same old same