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2021-08-07 21:06:19 (UTC)

There are only 3 genders. Rest are mental conditions.

I don't mind there being a male, a female and a mutation of the human genome having both reproductive parts. Their physical being has nothing to do with how they treat other people. Three genders. You are born into any one. It's the law. Of nature. Except for bacteria and shit who can divide naturally.

So when someone argued that they are male and identify as female and what not. I don't mind that too. I don't mind if you're a somewhat of a human who identifs having two dicks and six tities. Good for you. There should be absolutely no issues with you being gay or otherwise.. Any white blodded asshole who says he's homophobic has a fucking huge ass collection of lesbian porn stashed somewhere. For sure. Hahahaha.

The main problem comes when such life forms, think that they have certain privilegs of them being called so. And they can say whatever they want. And nobody can talk back. You see the game has rules. You have to play by them. You being identified as something else you still have to compete with the male and the females in the world. They ain't gonna cut you some slack. Everyone. Every fucking one has to work hard to get their own shit done. Except the rich and corrupt. But rest of us have to work hard.

So there should be a law. Saying that be whatever physical mutation of mental condition you wish. But don't expect any favours or pardons. The rules apply for all. If you attack a gay person then that gay person has every right to cut your balls off and feed them to you. Because you started it. Not them. Unless you're a homicidal gay serial killer then you're the bad guy..

They made a fucking mess at the Olympics too. It's so simple. You have a penis you are male. If you have a vagina you're female. If you have both then please step away from the line and we will have a category just for you. You can't mix them all up. It's sheer stupidity.

If the humans start treating others on their actions and not their titles or they looks then every fucking problem would be solved with utmost prejudice.


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