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2021-08-07 07:12:35 (UTC)

Gonna be a good one today🏋️‍♂️😀

Woke up at 5AM again without my alarm. No alcohol last night. Reminding myself this is the weekend. Who am I and what did I do to the real Mondo. 🤪 Anyway, I hardly do this but I will do back-to-back sessions at the gym. So I have a regular 9:30AM class then a special 10:30 cardio class. Both classes will be packed!! If you saw how I got up this morning wobbling and walking gingerly, you'd never imagine I go to crossfit classes. So for the first hr after waking up, I just do my zen thing. Clear my mind of any silly thoughts and just chill. I don't need to close my eyes, cross my legs, or do any sounds like "hmmmm" or anything like that. I'm just able to let my mind relax and off I go to never-never land.

Getting ready for today will require some extra clothes. After my first session, I'll feel icky so I have an extra shirt, extra towel to wipe off, extra socks, and an extra band for my my-zone device aka:fit bit thing. I make sure I fill my water jug to the top. In my mind, I'm trying so hard to convince myself that this was not a stupid thing to have signed up for and that me convincing a few other gym friends that it was not a bad idea. haha.

Last night, our coach posted some of the workouts for today. We have punching bags. I love punching bags. I seem to have a knack for it and I can actually put in some power to my punches and the noise I make is different when I hit the bags compared to the others. Yup, we sometimes have a little inner competition amongst some of the guys. Not said but just the men's silly egos doing it's thing. So while that's cool, this is not a calling and I'm not quitting my day job. But it sure would have been cool if I did get paid to punch other people legally. Talk about stress relief. haha. But I'm good with just watching boxing. I'm sure it's less painful.

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